What Pastors, Scientists, Teachers, & Laymen Say
About Dr. Hoyle's BIBLE & SCIENCE Presentations:

Mike Kinney (Pastor):
Thanks a million! Please call me about next year.

Susan Hallak (Homeschool Group Coordinator):
On behalf of the group I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation. Clearly everyone enjoyed it. The quiz contest is a nice final touch. I so much appreciate your ministry.

Midge McCrath (Christian School Administrator):
Thank you, Dr. Hoyle, for an absolutely outstanding presentation! We'll have you back!

Art Volz (AWANA Commander):
Thank you so much for your ministry to our AWANA group last week. I think everyone really enjoyed it.

Dr. Charles (Chuck) Tucker (Veterinarian, & Word of Life for Youth Leader):
Your creation presentation was very informative, creative, Biblical, and factual. I will highly recommend that every teenager in our area have an opportunity to view it.

Rosalie Moss (Homeschool Coordinator):
Thank you! It was super!!

Dr. James S. Little (Biochemist/Medical Researcher):
Your slide presentation on "Creation versus Evolution" was, in my opinion, exceptionally well presented, very informative, and scientifically accurate. I would wholeheartedly and unequivocally recommend it to any interested group.

Dr. Philip R. Williams (Pastor):
Your slide-illustrated message on creation and evolution was extremely well received in our church. You obviously have an excellent grasp of the material, and presented it in an interesting manner. You also had enough humor to enliven his presentation, but not enough to be out of place. We plan to have you back soon to see and hear your second presentation on this issue. I will enthusiastically recommend you to others.

Dr. Larry E. Sweat (Chaplain, U.S.A.F.):
Your presentation on Creationism had a positive impact on our parents and youth. It was a fresh and faithful look at the facts surrounding man's beginning. Thank God for one who doesn't try to make a monkey out of man.

Kyle & Nancy Herr (AWANA Missionaries):
Thank you for doing such a great job. . . . Our leaders really enjoy and learn from you. . . .

Larry Joecks (Christian School Principal):
Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing and caring with us!

Dr. Lois E. Kopplemann (Pathologist, Biologist):
Your presentation of creationism versus evolution is not only scripturally sound, but is scientifically accurate as well. The combination of personal commentary, specimens, slides, and sound track gives an exciting and interesting presentation.

Harry R. Gibelyou (Fellowship of Christian Peace Officers):
Thank you for your presentation to our group on Creation vs. Evolution. Your presentation remained easy for everyone to understand, and . . . provided much needed information for the Christian to expose the falsehoods of evolution. This information is needed in our churches today.

Steven F. Kaney (Physicist):
You showed that the scientific evidence supporting evolution has holes that you could drive a truck through. Your enjoyable message brings light to the problems of evolution, and brings relief to besieged creationists.

Dr. Madalyn Murray O'Hair (America's Best Known Atheist):
Keep your religion-but please keep it to yourself. (Her concluding remark to Tom Hoyle after an impromptu public debate with him in Springfield, Missouri, relating to this subject.)

(Additional testimonials are available about other programs, and for youth/children.)


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