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Live & Colorful Presentations and Resources "According to Hoyle"...

Dr. Hoyle's messages are designed to be clear, interesting, accurate, and politely entertaining-for almost anyone! Each 45-90 minute program involves a colorful slide show, an extensive display, Question & Answer session, and the latest books & tapes available for sale. Special versions of these creation presentations are available for schools, home school groups, and children & youth meetings.

Due to the popularity and relevance of the above subjects, churches and other groups are encouraged to advertise in the media. Larger crowds usually result, often with lives changed, questions answered, and believers encouraged.

Regarding cost, there is no set fee. For the sake of his ministry Dr. Hoyle usually receives approximately $100-200 per presentation, or $400-800 per weekend, but the actual amount is up to each church or group.



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